Neanderthals Under the Blood Lust Moon




Jew Ape Poetry (Neanderthal Joel 2:30–31):

“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord”

The vengeful Jew Ape holy book has many a verse of Gawd Almighty pouring out his wrath on misbehaving bipedal Neanderthals.  No scientific or rational person thinks “god” every did what this book claims, like flood the earth and kill off all the humans because of his great anger.  People or gods who can not control their anger are emotionally unevolved.


The internet was abuzz about the final blood moon of a tetrad that aligned with Jewish holidays, what dreadful event may come, something big was going to happen to Israel claimed Zionist shill and pastoral pig John Hagee. He claimed such signs in the heavens were messages from almighty God about Israel.

You have to understand that fat assed Hagee thinks every event in the heavens revolves around Israel because he believes that God only cares about this one nation.  This is Jewish ethnocentrism being transferred via the memes of the Holy Bible into the minds of stupid American Christian sheep who care more about Israel than their own nation.


Christian Zionism is national suicide.  John Hagee would never admit that Israel did 911.  Think about that for awhile, he is perfectly aligned with the lies of the Zionist Occupied Government, he is mouthpiece of Israel, President of Christians United For Israel, a treasonous Judas goat, a front man for the killer Netanyahu.

Many of the stupid sheep were in a state of dread after Fat Bastard Hagee’s latest book and movie:

Hagee’s innovation is to (1) call a lunar eclipse (which often makes the moon reddish) a “blood moon,” (2) assign significance to these events happening on the Jewish festivals, and to (3) declare that four in a row (not three or five) is God telling us something. With the launch of his book, Hagee said, “The coming four blood moons points to a world-shaking event that will happen between April 2014 and October 2015.”

The situation was so out of hand that on the eve of the last blood moon the Mormon Church had to issue a public statement to the Mormon flock to remain calm.  Hagee’s lunacy was a cross denominational phenomenon.


Money hungry Zionist shill Hagee is completely full of shit.  Does the all powerful God speak to us with planet shadows on the moon?  Such ideas in the modern age are ludicrous.  No one seems to note the contradiction, wouldn’t an all powerful God send us messages that are crystal clear?  Hagee’s thesis that red moons are God’s communication to us is very weak.  The Universe is on autopilot, it is not being manipulated by God’s hand like everyone used to think.

No doubt Hagee will try to save himself from public ridicule and say the current stock market crash and economic depression – which can easily lead to more war, is what god was trying to tell us.  His moon tetrad ended last night, so now he has to desperately search for some event that saves his theory of his interventionist god.  If not, he can always move to Israel and become an honorary Jew.

John-Hagee-Benjamin-Netanyahu-CUFI treason

No one needed to be mooned to know that, with Bibi Netanyahu in control of Israhell, there will surely be more bloodshed and more refugees until Russia and Chine step in and stop the Mossad ISIS operation and the drive for Greater Israel.  The very Israel that pig Hagee loves is the cause of all the Middle East suffering and refugee crisis.  ISIS IS ISrael.

Judas goat and American traitor John Hagee is a heartless bastard glorifying the God of Israel, he is a money grubbing pastoral pig waddling around the world stage waving his Bible clutching cloven hooves in frenzied circles, weaving bloody moon theories for Bible fruitcakes.  This dispensationalist dipshit is a fat assed  puddle of pork and pregnant with Bible lunacy.

Fat Bastard John Hagee is a fire breathing dragon of everything Jewish and Israel.  He roars about Yahwey and cares nothing about the suffering Palestinians.  Fat Bastard John Hagee is a Bible thumping bloated bastard son of Israel. Now that his four bloody moons have come and gone, we can roast this bloated bloviating bastard in his own grease.


Soon the garbage bins will be filled with Hagee’s books, because the moon and earth shadow play has nothing to do with Israel.  God isn’t sending us signs in the heavens like the Bible says, in fact God doesn’t even care about us, he doesn’t care about every single hair on our head or if ISIS lops off a whole town of believer’s heads.

God is not what the Bible says, so in the future when you are building a fire with Hagee’s thesis, don’t forget to burn the Jew Bible, the Old and New Testament alike, because Hagee’s lunacy is sourced in those books.  There is no all powerful god out there, that idea is long past due for retirement.  We are an expression of divine consciousness, god is NOT external, it is within – and heaven is the state of consciousness when you go within, it is not the next life, if our consciousness continues on or not.


I originally started writing about this fraud Hagee here:

John Hagee’s Bloody Moons







3 thoughts on “Neanderthals Under the Blood Lust Moon

  1. John G.

    Sometimes you can tell, who truly runs the world. From I can glean, it isn’t just one group, it’s several groups who all benefit, a power elite if you will. They are bankers, wealthy individuals, oil companies, military-industrial complex and secret societies.

    It appears as if secret societies have been “running” the world for quite a while now. Some might ask, how do I know? Well, I was and still am a victim of gangstalking. Nearly all people in the Western world are under massive surveillance and have been since at least the early 90s if not earlier. Nearly every device in the average house can spy on you, everything from TVs, Blu Ray players, Streaming devices, laptops, smartphones, computers, monitors, refrigerators, water heaters, modern cars, almost everything.

    Not only do the power elite spy on everyone, they also have an army of stalkers, spies, agents, actors, who pose or are regular people. Nearly everyone from your neighbor, to your manager, to the homeless, to children can be recruited to spy on you AND to gangstalk. They work for them for a while, and all of sudden the gangstalkers are promoted in their businesses, or if they own a business all of a sudden their businesses are given amazing contracts.

    For example if you watch a movie or listen to song that mentions say cats flying out of windows, the next day one of their spies will somehow weave “cat’s flying out of windows” into a conversation that you can hear.

    They have access to vast resources, often, the power elite (from what I can glean) give local gangstalkers keys to your house and car, so they can go in and out of your residence without you knowing or even suspecting. Often they leave little clues like rearranging your clothing or making a small tear in a shirt to let you know they were there.

    The goal of this gangstalking is compliance, suicide, and/or psychological break. Many Americans and many around the world (possibly in the millions) in the last 10 years have committed suicide due to excessive gangstalking. – Do a google search, read about their experiences, look on youtube.

    From my experience there 3 things they are adamantly against:

    1. Research into the possible extra-terrestrial presence on earth. (it appears as if ETs may actually be visiting the earthl!!)

    2. Any discussion of getting the U.S. off of oil as our main transportation fuel. (The highly sunlit deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, an Nevada have more than enough solar energy to meet ALL U.S. energy demands 50 times over)

    3. Any research into “real” quantum gravity and time travel. (The power elite can actually see into the future, as a targeted individual, I can watch a movie made in the 40s and even THEY make references to what I am doing in my house in the current era.)

  2. Tribes_NatureLaw

    It is ‘one group’, there are over 20 million in the tribe, at least ten million here the rest worldwide, ‘govt’ ‘media’ ‘skoolz’ ‘scientists’ ‘professors’ ‘corporations. Their cons are ‘govt’ and ‘religion’, they stripped our original nature power gods to force their weak she-male ‘jeezus’ con ‘obey’ slavery on us. see englishnews org jewish christianity page, also search, see the truth webs inquisition page. Then it was onto to world takeover and genocide, see mosaisk jewish timeline, jewishfaces com at archive org see all pages, thezog .info, judicial inc blogspot ww2 bloodlines, false flags etc, holodomorinfo com. The ‘aleeunz’ bs was made up by jews, it’s a metaphor for themselves as ‘alien’ to the rest of us who aren’t interested in them killing us. ‘moon walk’ also fraud see apollozero com, and mullins 5 trillion cold war hoax. Using the trillions to build more weapons for themselves, search 30,000 military drones, eatr robots, also search nano chip chemtrails, we’ve been breathing, do the math, ‘skynet’, gwen towers, ‘smart grid’. Doing something to stop them is what matters. Hand out paper notes with links on them with ‘copy pass on at bottom. hand out to crowds, tape to mailboxes etc. you can copy this to reread or make paper notes. Natural anarchism and small tribes is how to be free, can act yourself and with small tribes, see leaderless louisbeam com. Putting out notes is a way to break paralysis and be doing something, inform others, meet people. Man up woman up. See site pages mentioned for links to put on notes, also this one.

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