Every conspiracy theorist has heard of Problem-Reaction-Solution, but I think we need to move on with all that crazy talk and get into solving the problem by actually doing something positive.  Let me introduce a new fangled meme: Problem-Action-Solution.   Why keep complaining about Jew varmints?  Maybe it’s time we actually do something!

New York Nuke

To understand this new principle is easy, first we identify the problem, which of course is (always) Jews; then we do something about the problem, light off a nuke above Manhattan Island, followed by a joyful solution of watching a million evil Jews die and the entire debt problem solved in a blinding second.  One bomb solves the debt problem forever and ever and reconnects the Jew with their God.

Think of all the good karma you’ll earn when you send Jews back to hell.  The heavens shall rejoice.  Think of the joy in liberating earth from hell’s grip!  Will not the angels sing and shout hosannas?  So we need to stop worrying about nuclear war and embrace the bomb.  The bomb is our solution to Jew predation!   We should be gung-ho on using these little beauties for the betterment of mankind.

Jews have spent their entire history draining our blood, now it is time to vaporize them, get rid of them, nuke them – just think of the children you’ll save if we get rid of Wall Street Jews and McDonalds Corporation, no more human meat burgers!  Just think of all the Goyim children you’ll save from the Kosher meat grinder!

goyim meat burgers

America needs to solve its Jew infestation problem, why complain when you can just as easily do something, like nuke Israel.  With Israel gone, we won’t have any more Prime Ministers in that holy sandbox hell hole bragging in secret how they are using us like toilet paper.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being the Golden Calf for Jews to cut into pieces.  We shouldn’t let Jews chop us up, because that hurts real bad!


We need to get our balls back, and stand up for ourselves and realize we’ve been duped by the Holy Bible, ain’t nothing holy about it, and all Jews are the problem – not just the bad ones, there’s no such thing as a ‘good’ Jew, they’re all bad, so you need not worry that bombing some of them might kill one or at the most two good Jews, because that is a false idea planted in your mind like that hard to get rid of horny goat weed in your tomato patch.

Having balls is good, having bigger ones is better, so let’s commence the Jew bombing as soon as we can.  Call your Congressman today and tell him to get off his knees, tell your elected whore of Israel that you want America to get its balls back.  Now I must warn you, he or she will probably laugh, because everyone knows that no Senator has any balls, ’cause Netanyahu cut them all off and stored them in a basement refrigerator at AIPAC headquarters.

satans minions the problem

Jews are killing us, they are destroying all the races including the White Race, they are destroying freedom and liberty, they are waging war everywhere all the time.  It is time to deal with them and the only way to deal with them is to get rid of them, they will never reform, we have 4,000 years of proof that the Jew will stay the Jew.  So the solution to the Jew problem is simple, you drop the A-bomb on them!

I really like the sound of that word, A-bomb, don’t you?  First, you can tell that it is a special bomb,  ’cause it’s got and A in front, meaning it’s like the A student at the front of the class.  But an even better word for these bombs is thermonuclear atomic device, doesn’t that sound real sophisticated and technical?   What I like even better are sentences with these words, like:  ‘Captain Hardon dropped a thermonuclear B61 bomb set on maximum yield on the Holy City of Jerusalem, when it went off everything within ten miles was instantly vaporized.’


Well if you like sentences like that I got a whole bunch of them linked at the bottom, more sentences like that are in my books, the first one is titled Bomb Run Israel.  The title explains the book in three words, we do a bomb run over Israel, actually in the book the hero pilot does many bomb runs over Israhell, and blows the shit out of Jewlandia!  It’s a real good book, make sure you read it to little Johnny.

Johnny shouldn’t have to die in Jew wars, Johnny is just a kid and a mom should love her kid and tell them the truth, like their ain’t no Santa Claus and the world is run by Jews.  Johnny won’t know what a Jew is so just tell him Jews are bad.  He’ll know what that means and he’ll tell all the kids at school that Jews are bad.  Pretty soon everyone will know Jews are bad, and they will want them all dead.

jews cause all the wars

The debts can not be paid, it is impossible and the Jews know it, they have a tradition of every seven years discharging all debts.  But the Jew bankers running the modern world will not allow the debts to be liquidated.  Bankers are bad Jews.  So the way to fix the problem of compounding interest and every expanding unpayable debt is very easy, we take a B61 bomb and drop it on Jew financial central – Jew York City.  Boom, problem solved.

Solving problems is sure easy when you have B61 thermonuclear bombs!  It’s real simple, you find a map, and I know that’s hard to do because most Americans don’t have maps, and we draw a red circle where them Jews are concentrated.  Then we get a bomber and put on some bombs on it and drop them on the red circles.  It’s real simple, even the Air Force can do it.

miss teen south carolina says bomb israel

Now I have some real good advice for ‘ya, don’t hang around after dropping one these babies, make sure git out of there real fast ’cause they make a humongous fireball that lights anything on fire like a big magnifying glass focusing bright sunlight on a nest of cockroaches.


Fighting Jews is a good idea, so when you see one, do everyone a favor and get rid of it by any means possible.  If you are confused you can read my book series on how to fight Jews, I made it easy to read with lots of pictures.  We can do it, all we have to do is believe you were born with balls and find Israel on a map, but first we have to find a map because that’s hard to do when you’re most Americans.


BOOK  1 
BOOK  2 
BOOK  6 

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