Examples of Jewish Hatred Toward Goyim



Seduced by the Jew Snake

Supremacy impregnated Jews like fat pig Abe Foxman think they know best for us, their arrogance is off the scale, Jews hate us and wage war against us for the crime of thinking about what they are doing to us.  You are not allowed to criticize Jewish criminal behavior in many countries!  Well, I am outside their control grid and I will say what I want to say, to hell with the Jew pigs at the ADL!  Words are not nearly severe as what they are actually doing to the world.

The Jews are waging endless war against all non-Jews.  Part of this Jewish initiated war on us is the propaganda meant to limit what we say about them after they murder, pollute, rape, steal, and defame us.  They say that our speech against them is hate speech while their extreme behavior toward us is far greater hatred.  Outing criminals is not hate, it is truth, and if the Jew hates one thing more than Goyim, it is truth, for truth does not exist within the Jew.

Some Examples of Jewish Hate:

1.  The Holy Bible

2.   The Talmud

3.  Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

4.  WW2 and treatment of Germans after wars end

5.  post ww2 Holocaust and defamation of Germany

6.  USS Liberty, JFK assassination, 9112001 false flag, Sandy Hook hoax, gun legislation, anti-First Amendment legislation

7.  Bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc.

8.  Genocide and destruction of Gaza and the rest of Palestine

9. Recent public statements by top Rabbis who say the rest of the world is their slaves or that other people are grasshoppers or references that some humans have insect status compared to Jews.

10.  Netanyahu’s endless diatribe against a nuclear Iran, when it is Israel that needs its nukes removed.

11.  Recent use of nuclear weapons in Syria as written up on Veterans Today

12.  ISIS and the beheading mayhem and bloodshed of this Israeli operation

13.  War of Terror and the National Security State

14. Department of Homeland Security and militarization of the police

15.  Cops trained in Israel, the 5,000 plus murders of Americans by police since 911

16.  Purim and other Jewish holidays of their blood lust evil, like their Purim cookies called ‘Haman’s Ears’

17. Fukushima – the intentional sabotage of Japanese nuclear reactors and the complete radiation of planet earth.

These are all example of extreme Jewish hate for the Goyim, even the word Goyim is hate speech, the word Goyim is a defamation word used by the Jew to defame all non-Jews as cattle.  We are humans, not cattle, not insects and the Jewish hatred for us and false definitions of us must end!

The Holy Bible

Most people will be shocked to hear that the Holy Bible is the most hateful anti-man document ever written.  Most Jew-wise informed people would think the Talmud or the Communist Manifesto is a much more hateful document than the Torah, but they are wrong.  The Holy Bible is the most hateful literature ever produce by the minds of men, because this book condemns all men for the crime of just being born.


According to the Bible you are completely damned even before birth.  This is actually true, because we are all being born into a world controlled by the Jew monster!  You were already at slave at birth, but your parents didn’t know it, they didn’t even know that they themselves are slaves.  Many believers in the Jew god died in the last 100 years of warfare against anyone standing up to Jewish power like Adolf Hitler.

Because of our slave status, we willingly fought our liberator!  We killed Germans instead of killing Jews.  We then celebrated our victory over National Socialism while being made into working taxpaying slaves on the Jew welfare ranch.  The rest is history.  Now we are in the end game of the Jewish managed economy, it is unsustainable, and thus the Jew either has to give it up or kill us all off to keep HIS system working.

The end result of all Jewish operations is one thing: death.  The Jews are a death cult and we to not believe in anything the say or write, especially their holy book.  Death is the end result of Zionism, which was beget from Judaism, which was beget from the Holy Bible.

The reason for this slavery is the Western culture has been seduced by this filthy and most unholy book called the Holy Bible, in which believers accept their slave status to Jehovah, the fictional Jew monster god.  Jehovah doesn’t exist but the Jew tribe does exist and this tribe controls much of the planet, and completely controls the Western nations.

Jehovah is a fictional deity in a fictional book of Jewish history.  Not one initial premise in the Bible is even close to true.  First of all, there is no external sky god tossing thunderbolts at us, or judging us, or having any control whatsoever when we die.  This is the first truth you must come to realize – there is NO JUDGING GOD UP THERE OR OUTSIDE OF SELF.

If no judging Jew god exists, then it follows that there is no hell or devil and no need of salvation, so the entire construct of the Bible fails.  By letting go of the fear of judgment, the Holy Bible becomes an EPIC FAIL!  The Holy Bible is a filthy Jewish rag of Jew hate lust against the Goyim and what you must come to understand is that this “god” of the Bible condemning you is really the Jew condemning you!

Defeating the Holy Bible

Defeating the mind control of the Holy Bible is the key to our freedom.  Once you transcend the Bible all the control mechanisms will quickly fall away, because once your mind is free from the primary myth you then will be free to examine and reject all the other Jewish controls placed on you.  Sandy Hook HOAX is obvious to those that don’t believe in the lying Jew or HIS mouthpiece, the Jew lie box called the Jewtube.

The list of Jewish hate acts toward us becomes perfectly obvious and you will readily accept conspiracy theories as fact as soon as you defeat this evil Jewish parasite god in your mind.  God only exists in a book and in your mind, the Jew got control of you when the memes in that book were uploaded to your consciousness.  God outside of the Bible and your brain does not exist.

holy bible warning

GOD IS A MEME.  God is an idea you were taught, no judging god exists, and once you reject this very Jewish idea of judging others not saved, you are then free.  So your freedom completely depends on you, you have to overcome the memes, you have to transcend (trance end) the myth.  End your judgment of others then end the Jew.

If there is no judging god (only the judging Jew and his legal system and warfare society) then you don’t need to be saved from god’s wrath (unless you say the Jew is your god).  No one needs a Jewish savior.  That is completely ridiculous, JESUS CAN NOT SAVE YOU because he doesn’t exist, he’s a Jew that affirms the Torah, he agrees with the law, he never died for your sins because NO ONE CAN DO DIE FOR YOUR SINS because it is physically impossible to separated from god.

Christianity is a ridiculous Roman blood cult.  No person can hang on a cross and die for you, what is really going on is that if you believe this insane tripe, then it is you that dies as you accept your slave status!  You are the Jesus on the cross being sacrificed to the evil father god – the Jew.  So if you want to be dead like a Zombie then believe this shit called Christianity, because the truth is that you are free and sin doesn’t even exist!

I never existed - Jesus

You are free, you are the god because of your self aware conscious mind and ability to create.  No one can be outside of the Matrix, you are immersed in the sea of consciousness call the Universe, you are wired to the mainframe, and thus you are the god and free to do whatever you like, like kill the Jew and burn his book.

So what are you waiting for?

yukon jack 100 proof logic


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