The Great Jesus Fakeout


Josephus is Jesus

Who was Jesus?  A literary construct.  Jesus is the perfect man, he is a new sun god, he is a mythological construct.  Billions and billions of people pray to Jesus, believe in Jesus, imagine afterlife with Jesus and he is not even real.  Somebody pulled off a major literary coup, someone fooled the whole world for 2,000 years.   But who is Jesus the man?  Josephus.  Josephus modeled himself as the perfect Jewish man, what every Jew should strive for.  Josephus faked everyone out, including his Roman captors.  Josephus craftily pulled the biggest literary coup of all time, he fooled the whole world – Jesus the most popular sun god ever is the very writer of the New Testament, Josephus!


So who is Jesus, where did the material for Jesus come from?  Jesus is a compilation of previous gods according to those who study comparative mythology.  Jesus’ 3 year ministry,  is the 3 year military campaign of Titus postdated 40 years according to Joseph Atwill.   Because Jesus is an underdescribed, nebulous, a god-man, a mythological character – he can be anything you want.  Since we have no physical description of this man, which is most odd considering how important he is, Jesus can also be of your race or color.  Jesus is everything we can imagine, he is greatest person of all time, he is the savior of the world, he is the god you pray for redemption because you bought the myth-memes of guilt, sin, and separation from god.


How do we know that Josephus is the likely suspect of penning the New Testament fable?   Josephus was the only Jew employed and writing for the Romans.  It was Josephus who had the knowledge of the Torah so that prophecy and traditions, it was Josephus who understood Torah law and idioms of the different Jewish sects so that the coming savior prophecy would be convincing.  Rome wanted a new myth that the Jews would accept, the Jews wanted a savior and it was Josephus who delivered a new savior-king, a literary savior, Jesus was the new king of the Jews.

Jesus had no form just like the Jewish deity.  Jesus could not have a description because he was being tailor made to fit a Jewish audience.  Jesus was the new Jewish Zeus but without form.  All powerful yet meek and humble.  God almighty but your friend, one you could pray to and expect a response, something which the Roman gods lacked.  The Jewish god was a personal god, and Jesus was the new personal god you could have a relationship.


The Romans had a big problem with the rebellious Jews of Judea, especially the Zealots and other Messianic Jews.  The Romans were kicked out of Judea, Rome returned and crushed the rebellion, those towns that resisted were leveled and all killed or sold into slavery.  We know it was Josephus that tried to negotiate between both sides, he was the go between.  Josephus was the Jewish scholar who witnesses the sacking of Jerusalem, it was Josephus that went back to Rome with Titus and wrote about the wars.  No one else wrote volumes about the Jews and their wars against Rome like Josephus.  Josephus was in the middle of it, he was even drafted and made a general before his capture.

It was Josephus who was bestowed with the royal Flavian title, it was Josephus who his own countrymen considered to be a traitor, it was Josephus, the only Judean Jew who was commissioned to write about the Roman military campaign in Judea.  Josephus was the only person on the Imperial Court qualified to write a new Jewish myth.  This is why Josephus is the likely suspect of the original author of the Gospels.

Luckily for modern scholars and researchers, Josephus left us volumes of writing, and he is known for the literary crime of typology, taking Old Testament text and essentially copying and pasting it into the new myth.  That is why Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy, Josephus wrote it that way.   That is why the “god” claims of Jesus are “myth”.  Josephus is NOT a reliable historian, he plagiarized repeatedly.  By comparing different Josephus writings we see that the real boy wonder prodigy that amazed the scribes of his day was Josephus.  The description of Jesus at age twelve is an identical description of Josephus in his autobiography.

Josephus is Jesus

In the Gospel of Luke  we are told that Jesus attended temple and amazed the priests.  Who is Josephus describing but himself?  He is inventing a new savior and he is using his own experience as a template.

Jesus at Twelve

And when he was twelve years old, they went up as usual for the festival [of Passover]….After three days they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers.

Josephus at Fourteen

I made mighty proficiency in the improvements of my learning, and appeared to have both a great memory and understanding. Moreover, when I was a child, and about fourteen years of age, I was commended by all for the love I had to learning; on which account the high priests and principal men of the city came then frequently to me together, in order to know my opinion about the accurate understanding of points of the law.

One should realize that anything the Jew writes is suspect, telling the whole truth is impossible for a Jew.  The are liars, they are a race of liars and if you believe the Bible literal you are making a huge mistake – you are sinning against your mind.  The Jew wants to win and will do or say or write anything to win.  Take a look at modern Jews, are they telling you the truth about 911?  Or are they creating a new myth of terrorism out of whole cloth?  Deception is the central vibration of the Jew, the primary strategy of the Jew is to deceive the Gentiles by any means possible.

Josephus’ Life the Model of Jesus’ Life

Joseph Atwill has proved that the ministry of Jesus is modeled after the military campaign of Titus who crushed the Jewish rebellion.  Archarya S has shown us that Jesus miraculous abilities are modeled after the other Sun God myths.  Jesus is the proven compilation of different characters.  Rome wanted a myth that would tame the rebellious Zealots and other Messianic Jews causing the empire trouble.  Rome wanted results, they employed Josephus, the talented Jewish boy wonder to write a new myth.


Rome was practical, they used what already worked. People believed in Mythra.  Good, use that.  People liked the Horus myth of mother and baby.  Good, use that.  The far east had Krishna cults, call this new god “the Christ”.  Jesus is morphed together by all those successful ideas already in the empire.  Why reinvent the wheel?  The practical Romans built a new wheel by using what works, they employed the talented Judean scholar, the boy wonder Josephus, who compiled a new myth from the mythological spells already in use.


Remember Titus and Josephus are best friends, Josephus is collaborating with his former enemy, creating a new savior god out of whole cloth, they are using their own images.  When Jesus turned water into wine, that was a common Roman euphemism meaning drinking and pissing wine.  Josephus is an honorary Flavian, he is being paid to write the Gospels, he installed whatever inside joke the Caesars wanted.  How likely is that the Roman war in Judea just happens to overlap the travels of Jesus during his ministry phase?  Same towns, same route, and posted dated events exactly 40 years apart.  This is no coincidence, it is secret code of who wrote the Gospel.

Rome worshiped Caesar as god.  The Roman Empire’s biggest bureaucracy was the Imperial Court, the state employed hundreds in the worship of Caesar.  The Gospels were intentionally written to mock Jews and get the rebel slaves to unknowingly worship the Caesar as God.  But the Jews wanted nothing to do with Caesar, the Jews hated Rome, and they certainly were never going to worship Caesar as their deity when they had their own god already.


In fact the Jews were offended by the “graven images” of casting a man image onto their god.  The Jewish God is an intellectual exercise, god is a thoughtform, he has no form. How could Rome so brazenly trick the Jews into worshiping a new god, one acceptable to Rome?  He had to have the traits of an acceptable subject of the Roman empire, he had to be passive.  Jesus is that character, he is the perfect citizen, he is the image that Rome wanted.  The description of Jesus is of his traits, for the reader to form an emotional connection with the central character, the history of Jesus is pure fiction.

Josephus was commissioned by Vespasian himself to create a new god, one acceptable to the Jews. Imagine, Rome has crushed the rebellion, sacked Jerusalem and the temple, and destroyed all Jewish literature.  The only copy of the Torah is the temple copy that Rome now possesses and Josephus is being paid to write a new myth to quell the messianic fervor in Judea.  He creates Jesus the messiah.  Jesus is the new man-god king of the Jews formed entirely on paper by the hand of Josephus.

The new god obviously had to be Jewish, he had to be the prophesied savior, he had to fit into Jewish history.  He had to fulfill the Torah so that the Jews would accept him as their savior.  Josephus knew the material better than anyone, so he weaved a new tale of a new Jewish king was from the lineage of kings.  Jesus was a direct descendent of King David, he was fulfilled all of the prophecies, he came to save the Jews.  The Jews were anxiously awaiting a savior, Josephus delivered, he made real what the masses desired.

Josephus was given great autonomy writing the new myth, he used tried and proven mythological constructs for Caesar’s new ploy.  The Romans were practical, they wanted to get the job done, the wanted Judea pacified.  Josephus the capable former rebel general delivered results.  The new sun-god-man Jesus, a mythological construct, a literary creation, the savior of the Jews is actually the real man Josephus who had found a new way of dealing with the Romans.

So Who Really was Josephus?

Josephus was the whiz kid living in dangerous times, he shifted with the flow, he is a survivor.  His legacy lives on, his books are still read, he birthed Christianity.  Josephus ideas are still potent, his memes still dominate the world even today.  There is no understating what Josephus pulled off, he created a literary character that not only fulfilled prophecy but is also one that everyone loves.  Pure genius in commission of pure deviousness of Rome.

But Josephus did something else that no one else has realized yet, he created a new way for the Jews to think and behave, he reworked the memes so that Jews could live in peace while in empire.  Josephus was a genius in more ways than anyone knows because he pulled off the biggest coup of all time, he created a new myth for mankind, one that billions follow today.  Today’s Judeo-Christian empire is only possible because most people are docile slaves of Christ.

Josephus was unable to convince his fellow Jews to stop fighting Rome, he knew they would lose.  He lost his first wife and children in the sack of Jerusalem.  Josephus witnessed first hand the destruction of Jerusalem, he saw what happened to people with belligerent attitudes fighting a superior force.  So skilful Josephus wrote a new myth, one in which an ordinary person can live within an empire.  Josephus’ invention of Christianity is a model of how a slave can be at peace with themselves while living in empire.

Christianity is a slave religion.  Who else but Josephus Flavian who advised give unto Rome what is Romes?

Render unto Caesar” is the beginning of a phrase attributed to Jesus in the synoptic gospels, which reads in full, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” [Matthew 22:21]

This phrase has become a widely quoted summary of the relationship between Christianity and secular authority. The original message, coming in response to a question of whether it was lawful for Jews to pay taxes to Caesar, gives rise to multiple possible interpretations about the circumstances under which it is desirable for the Christian to submit to earthly authority.

Josephus, the boy genius, the general, the prophet, had studied all the major branches of Judaism.  He came up with a model for a new Jew, the perfect Jew, he placed himself into the Gospels, the emotional character of Jesus is Josephus.  The New Testament is Josephus instructing the Jews on how to be like himself, he had tried to negotiate with his fellow rebels during the wars that ended in total disaster for his people, he was unsuccessful in convincing them to bend to power but now he could write a new myth and teach them another way.  The Gospels of Jesus are the instructions of Josephus on how to behave while living under the yoke of Rome.  Give Rome what it wants, take care of your personal spirituality within yourself.

With his new savior meme, Josephus has his character Jesus instructing his people on how to think and behave while living in empire.  Jesus separated spiritual concerns from the state, just as Josephus passionately believed.  So who is Jesus?  He is Josephus, the perfect Jewish man, the way to be while living in empire.  Josephus put the memes together in a new way, he was the genius that wrote the new myth that was acceptable and highly survivable.

Competition between memes was the driving force behind the New Testament, because of Dawkin’s big idea of memes, we can scientifically understand what religion is and why the Jews were forced to change.  The New Testament is memetic warfare that has lasted until today and now is the time to come to a greater awareness of what the Gospels actually are.  Instructions on how to be a obedient slave.


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