The Gift of 911 – Jewish Hate for America Revealed


Thanks Jews!  911

911 was a gift. Don’t ever say the Jew never gave us anything.  They gave us 911 and with that seminal event, Americans were woken from their slumber and started investigating who was destroying their nation, their freedom, their liberty, their money, their very morality and what it was to be free and human.  They discovered or rather uncovered the Jew, the elephant in the living room invisible all along because of the reigning Christian myth.


Think about it, they exposed themselves by attacking us.  With the USS Liberty attack we didn’t know what really happened until decades later.  But with 911 we learned with months.  After 911 we became aware of the false flag warfare technique and waited for the next attack.  We knew they would attack again and when they did we were on it like Jack Flash.  Sandy Hook was ripped wide open by the end of the day.

israel did 911 brave old man

What almost no one realizes what else that fell on 911, it wasn’t just buildings that imploded do to controlled demolition, the Christian myth was undermined and now it’s a tumbling down.  911 exposed exposed the collusion of Zionist Christians in the downfall of America, 911 was the important event that exposed all the rats infesting the ship of state like the traitorous preachers, like John Hagee, who were more aligned with Israel than their own nation.  911 exposed the insanity of Christian fundamentalism and its end times war mongering strategy of getting everyone back to god by destroying civilization.

911 also showed us how desperate Israel was to control us, Dr. Alan Sabrosky summed up Israel’s strategy, a Hail Mary pass, that the Zionists are truly playing this as an all or nothing exercise, a desperate bid to save the parasitic little state of Israel.

sabrosky quote on mark glenn radio

With 911, the American people became aware of the traitors within, the insanity of fundamentalism, the treasonous state, the lies on the Jewtube, the endless false flags, the bankster initiated wars.  911 woke the nation up to the Zionist Jewish treachery within.  With 911 we gained consciousness again about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN WW2, we started studying Hitler, the Holohoax was revealed.

jew butt hurt detected

911 initiated the faltering Second American Revolution, which is still taking a long time to get the first shot fired.  But the bullets will fly eventually as Americans rebel against Jewish rule and take back their nation from the Kosher crazies.  As the Judaic Jack Boot is pressed against your throat you will remember what it was to be free and be glad to fight for freedom again.

So I say we thank the Jew for 911.  With 911 the slaves awoke to the true nature of Christianity, a slave religion that enables Jewish rule.  With 911 you made it possible for patriots to organize the people to recognize the Jew as the eternal enemy of mankind and start a long process of getting our heads de-mythified and unspellbound.  Thanks Jews!

yukon-jack-GOLD AVATAR

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