Israel Did 911 – Go Paint it on the Highway



Israel did 911 and if you want to find out how Americans, especially fundamentalist flag waving Christians are resistant to 911 truth, go paint ‘Israel did 911’ on a highway overpass or some other highly visible place.  They will mobilize to erase this information,  this proves that many Christians are actively providing camouflage for the Jew, stopping the flow of 911 truth, keeping the truth about their precious Israel from reaching the public.

Many Christians are not just passive worshippers of the Christ, they are militants for Jewish Talmudic reality, they will blot out any reference of Israel to war crimes, genocide, mayhem, deception because in the blind eyes of a believer, Israel is holy, Israel is God’s nation, Israel is beyond blame.  The truth is exactly the opposite, Israel is without redemption, a hellhole of Jewish supremacy and these Christians that support Israel are their little demon helpers.


If God’s chosen nation is the most evil nation in all of history, what does that say about Christians who worship the state of Israel?  What does that say about their support of Netanyahu?  What does that say about their supposed beliefs in the forgiving Jewish savior figure?  Israel isn’t just genociding Palestinians, it is exposing the fraud of Christian beliefs which genocided 100 million Native Americans, where the hell is Jesus, why isn’t he whispering the truth in the ear of his devout followers?

Biggest-Genocide-vs. the biggest fake genocide

If you paint ISRAEL DID 911 at some prominent visible place, the authorities will try to find the graffiti suspect, the authority power structure is chock full of Jews, Zionists and Christians, who work secretly to bring the end of the United States.  Christians are ok with the destruction of the Constitution, many in the military are secret Dominionists who are working toward a Christian based theocracy.

It was the Domininist faction within the United State Air Force that stole a B-52 with six nukes on 29 Aug 2007.  Members of our own military fully support Israel because of the Bible link, they are so possessed by this hell document that they were willing to go along with a Dick Cheney plot to start nuclear WW3.

usaf academy christian traitors within usa

So how can a nation like America, which is primarily a Christian nation allow the rise of Zionist power structure?  They are in on it, they agree with it, they are actively helping the Jews take over the world.  That is why they will erase any ‘Israel did 911′ graffiti.  That one piece of information is totally damning to the Christian belief system.

A Christian is possessed by Bible memes and is brainwashed to support Israel, because to go against Israel is to go against God Almighty.  We have a ‘god concept’ problem Houston.  There is no ‘loving’ god choosing any one tribe or group over another.  Such anthropocentric beliefs have long plagued spiritual literature, awareness of the higher consciousness is laced with tribal racism, loaded with human like God traits.  Reason?  We wrote the myth from our own prejudice.

god is your image

Netanyahu has done in his few years as antichrist more than I could of hoped for in a century of writing and activism, Bibi Antichrist is bringing down the Christian house, he is the most valuable player of the destroyer of all these archaic racist values embedded in western Christianized culture.  The latest Hollywood block buster, American Sniper illustrates how deeply entrenched this mentality is still with us.

There is no justifying Navy sniper Chris Kyle.  He murdered innocent people, he ruined many loving families by shooting in the head a mother or a father or a child.  Chris Kyle literally killed ‘family values’.  Chris(t) Kyle was a monster, he murdered for the Jewish controlled American state.  Chris Kyle turned his Christian hate against the other, he willingly did the bidding of his Jewish masters.  Chris Kyle was a Jew whore.

chris-kyle racist just like the Bible

Bibi is a necessary political figure that destroys a false reality and speeds up our evolution as a specie.  Consciousness is evolving, and its end times for Christianity and its’ Jewish mother.  Bibi Satanyahu has ignited World War Three, Israel will get destroyed and along with her Christian bastard offspring .

After the smoke clears and you are shivering from the nuclear winter, choking on the radioactive fallout, if you survive the Apocalypse and take a look at your destroyed world know this, what just happened was the evolution of our specie and the breaking of the spell of the Judeo-Christian myth memes.

The Holy Bible has brought hell into this realm.  The Holy Bible is a racist Jewish propaganda document.  What ever you think it is doing for you, filling you up, making your own prejudice warm within your demented soul, the Bible is a hell book wrecking the modern world.


So while you Christians are holding it dear, clutching your little fucking black magic book like God wrote it, lol, become aware the end times destruction you living is caused by this book. You are responsible for what you are doing.  Worshipping the Holy Bible and Israel is the real Abomination of Desolation, the total destruction of your soul.

When Josephus invented the new savior character Jesus, he encodes this as a virgin birth, he is the father.  Thus Jesus is born a virgin Mary, by the father Joseph.  Jesus was never real, he is simply a anthropomorphized solar deity with a Jewish name.  Christianity from day one was an intentional spell of the power elite being put on the uneducated masses.  Jesus isn’t real – he is a damn Jewish spell.

But now we are educated, for the most part the world can read and write, and with the invention of the internet the minds are linked, the myth is being exposed and the 2,000 year old spell broken.  We are free of the Jew, except for the fundamentalist Christian who is refusing to budge his consciousness and staying in blind belief.

These Bible fundamentalist are building Creationist Centers, Noah’s Ark theme parks, voting for paleolithic politicians like GW Bush and Sarah Palin.  They are going to force the nation back to god, even if they have to blow up the whole world.  The Zionists, who have the same goal, are glad to enlist these dupes in helping Israel bring down the previous world order and installing a Jewish World Order.

chris kyle jew whore

So this idea that Christians are against the New World Order is a joke, they are doing more than any other group to drive us into the Apocalypse and the resulting rise of the Jewish supremacist world government that rules the world from Israel.  Oh yes Virginia, those mother fucking pricks are helping Jewry take over the world.  Want proof, they always use the deception, the New World Order meme and not what it really is – the Jewish World Order.

America can not hear the truth about 911 or Jewish involvement because Americans are psychically owned by the enemy.  If Israel did 911 then everything America has done since 911, like the wars against innocent Muslims, is wrong, criminal, insane.  Everything America has done since 911 is wrong, immoral, are actions of the criminally insane and Christians are allied to this malevolent force.  America, like the Trade Towers, is fallen, because of their incessant whoreship of Israel!

Imagine if a nation did to Israel what Israel did to America on 911.  The Jew would revolt, the Jew would organize, the Jew would protest, the Jew would take action, be radical, make waves, blow shit up.  Israel did 911, Americans yawn, then they go to church and play Bingo.  The Jews are radical, Americans are civilized sheep, that’s why they rule, you have not the spine to fight back.

The Bible was not written by God, it was written by Jews.  It is a instruction manual of Jewish evil.  It’s time to wake up and see it for what it is.  It’s time for radical action.  We have a right to exist and god damn the religious who protect evil.  I say we burn their goddamn churches down, because that is where they are recruiting and brainwashing more allies of Israel.

America has been killed, the nation is a rotting carcass compared to her glory days when she was still innocent fair maiden, now she is an ugly old Jew whore, used up by Jew, and soon to be cast aside as supremacist Jewry makes its final move to take the world.  American Christians were played as fools.

Abomination of desolation - woshipping Israel

If you really are done with Jewish control then all you have to do is broadcast the fact that Israel did 911.  That single fact will end the Jewish supremacist state.  That one 3 word meme ends Jewish rule, 911 was a Hail Mary pass for desperate Jews to keep their little racist state afloat.  They got caught and they are finished.

What will you find out if you research 911?  Who benefited from 911?  Only Israel and the Zionist police state.  America was attacked alright, not by Muslims but by Jews.  Once you know the truth go broadcast it, if any Christian gets in your way, burn down his church if any cop tries to stop you, kill him.  Fuck those that protect evil Israeli rule.  In fact if you want to be a real hero, get a sniper rifle, paint Israel did 911, and watch your sign, if anyone tries to take it down kill them.  Killing Zionists is a good start to freedom.

Want freedom?  Do you really want freedom?  Then it will take action, you are going to have to kill the enemy.  The real enemy is not in Iraq like fool Chris Kyle thought, the enemy is within the nation, the enemy is Zion, the Christian-Jew power structure that is bringing hell on us with their holy books.

yukon-jack -logic -start killing jews

8 thoughts on “Israel Did 911 – Go Paint it on the Highway

  1. Yukon Jack is a sick puppy who can’t differentiate between true Christianity and the lies that the Zionist Talmudic Jews have imbedded into the historical narrative. He’s too quick to judge and too spiritually daft to see what’s really going on. LIke the Zionist Jew all he can see is kill, kill, kill. Yukon Jack, his latest incarnation and a name that doesn’t fit his mindset, and I have been at odds over the issue of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ for years now. He’s still phishing for the truth but his own lack of insight plus his hatred for all things religious makes him a poor role model and a very untrustworthy ally. I suggest he adopt a new nic, something like “Jew Killer” or “Kike Killer” or something of that sort which would better reflect his jaded and crippled soul.

    • Good to hear from you Arthur. Not sure why you hate me but Jesus is myth, a fictional character inserted into a sun god myth. I refer you to Joseph Atwill’s landmark book ‘Caesar’s Messiah’ which proves the real origin of Christianity – the Roman State. There is no sin, no afterlife judgment, no Jesus, no need to be saved except from the evil Jew liars.

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  3. Vern Manson

    Some good points, but your undermining your intent by just using the word Jew. Many Jews would agree with you if you would define the ones you are talking about as being Talmudistic Jews or even Zionistic Jews. Very few Talmudistic Jews know what the Talmud says. That goes for most Christians to for very few of them read the Bible.

    “There is no justifying Navy sniper Chris Kyle. He murdered innocent people, he ruined many loving families by shooting in the head a mother or a father or a child. Chris Kyle literally killed ‘family values’. Chris(t) Kyle was a monster, he murdered for the Jewish controlled American state. Chris Kyle turned his Christian hate against the other, he willingly did the bidding of his Jewish masters. Chris Kyle was a Jew whore.”

  5. Greentea4free

    Seems to me that Christianity is an instruction to behave civilised, untill the ship is sunk, and anyone is save… Just like in Titanic.

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