Goyim Uprising: World War Z


The Zombie horror film World War Z  is really about the world warring against Zion.  The film is about a world wide Zombie infection outbreak that ends with millions of Zombies attacking the last refuge of humans holed up in Israel.   Well it’s about time the world attacks the last refuge of Jews.


Hollywood is known for its anti-German, anti-Nazi, pro Holocaust movies, after all Hollywood is a Jewish run business.  As usual the purpose of these endless Hollywood propaganda movies is to disable you from acting against Zion, in this movie, it clearly paints the picture that if you act against Zion then you are a Zombie.  Jews hate Nazis and this typecasting is proof.

Nazi Zombies - defamation of Germans
Nazi Zombies – defamation of Germans

The Zombie meme is very popular these days.  Have you ever wondered why?  The Zombie represents part of the culture that is the walking dead, you know the television brainwashed sheeple who are infected with something.

Christian Zombies

But who are the real Zombies in the world?  Do you know?  It’s easy to figure, the memetic lingo gives away their origin.  The Zombie Apocalypse is a meme, it is a direct reference to the Christian Apocalypse.  Who do Christians worship?  Jesus, a Zombie god, who died and came back to life.


Christians are the Zombies.  How can we know for sure?   Zombies are humans infected with a biological virus, Christians are humans infected with a memetic virus.  Christians are possessed by Bible memes, they frame reality in terms of the Bible, in real life they seem animated in their actions, not authentic.

Mindless obedience is a hallmark trait of Christians.
Mindless obedience is a hallmark trait of Christians.

Christians are sleepwalking through this life, they are worshiping a dead figure and await the next life.   What they are not doing is living in this life.  Christians are Zombie like, their brains don’t seem to functioning properly, when you are in a state of belief you are also in the state of not thinking.  Christian Zombies are not known for their reasoning abilities, the reason for this is that they have another program running on their brain hard drive, one that tells them not to question anything.


The Zombies want to bite and infect others, this is perfectly analogous to memetic infection, the Bible is spread by the word, it is spread by individual contact.  God is a meme, it is found in a book and in your mind, it is a mind virus, it spreads from person to person just like a biological virus.  In the film the Zombie humans are infected with a virus, in real life believers are infected with a mind virus.  The meme of Zombies eating brains is a subconscious way of illustrating what is happening with a memetic virus.

The Memetic Virus Kills Creativity

What I observe is that Christians are not fully human, they are cut off from their creativity like their cousins, the Jews.  The Bible does that, when uploaded to the human mind, the Bible memeplex kills something inside the human being.  Do you doubt this?  Go find your nearest Christian and ask them about the plight of the Palestinian people.  They don’t care, they are soul less when it comes to an enemy of God-Israel.  Real love isn’t in the heart of a Christian because they are to busy loving God.

Lacking true creativity, Christians mimic.  For instance, Christians didn’t invent rock music, they only mimic rock music, they do not have that inner angst to develop rock music on their own.  A Christian is not likely to have sympathy for the devil.  Christian rock is, of course, a joke to anyone in the industry.  Christians even have hard rock and metal bands.   Isn’t that special.  Christian hard rockers, uh huh.

A rebellious Christian rocker is an oxymoron, a Christian is a follower and supporter of the state.  A Christian is a conformist, they can not rebel against the system, they are sworn to obey authority.  So no matter how evil the system becomes the Christian will obey and believe the one true god of the Jew.  A Christian obeys the Jewish authority and is hardly a rebel and not likely to pick up a gun and fight tyranny.  A Christian is following Jesus into self annihilation.

When you obey and align with political authority you are giving up your own authority, you are negating your own compass and become a cog in the state machine, which has matured into a Jew death machine of endless hate and war.  A Christian is a goyim converted to Judaism, lacking creativity like the Jew, the Christian joins the war machine and helps the Jew conquer the world.  A Christian is already dead and awaiting death, and the Jew is only so happy to march good little Christian soldiers to their deaths in another contrived war.

True Rebellion is Stopping Belief in the Jew God

The only way to be truly human in this age of total deceit and Jewish evil is to be a rebel.  Only the outlaw is free when you live in a system that has outlawed freedom.  To own your soul you must rebel from your Christian slave training.  To get free and become a real human you must ditch the Jesus ball and chain that binds you to the state and Jew, who are now one in the same thing.

If you want real freedom you must rebel against the system, and it is a Jewish system.  The New World Order is a Jewish World Order.  What do they want?  Unthinking mindless sheep.  They want this so bad they give religion tax free status, and will not revoke even now while they are in an advanced stage of bankruptcy.  Churches are given tax free status because the Jew-state needs unthinking slaves.  Christianity delivers.  Do you still think the invisible Jewish sky god is real?  He isn’t real, he is a construct in your brain being used to enslave you.

But consciousness marches on, humans can not exist in a slave system forever, their DNA won’t let them.  Humans always manage to get free, and the current slave system will be overcome.  Your allegiance to the state is doomed, because the state has been exposed as pure force and has become pure evil.  No one can now doubt that the state is a tyrant because the Jew rules.

World War Zion

What is this movie really about?  It is about how Jews who view themselves as the only real humans making a last stand against the world.  Supremacist Jewry views all the non Jews as cattle or goyim, the derogatory slang word they invented to defame us.  They can not understand why goyim detest them and their religion.  At the end of history humanity rebels against Jewish tyranny and this movie is the prophecy of what happens, the entire world attacks Israel,where Jewry’s has holed up to make a last stand against the rest of humanity.


The Jew lacks introspection, they are incapable of seeing themselves in the mind of others.  They are so completely narcissistic and lost in self chosen status, they can not understand why the world hates them so they invented the anti-semitism meme.  They believe the world hates them for being semites, or the world hates them because their god said that would happen.  The Jew can not see and will not accept reality, that the world gets sick and tired of their lies and treachery and then turns on them.  This is like the farmer who can not understand why the cows stampeded him.

World War Z is really about the world having enough of Israel and Jews in general and attacking them at their central stronghold of Israel.  This movie was produced by a collective feeling within Hollywood Zionists who are upset that so many goyim are turning against them these days, the farmer can not understand why the cattle are upset even though they pulled 911 and killed 3,000 American sheeple.

The movie has plenty of Jewish fantasy scenes of soldiers mowing down the Zombies with automatic weapons, a dream of every Jewish Zionist concerning the rest of mankind.  Hollywood Jews are making so many mow ’em down movies because they are so frustrated that everyone is waking up to their treachery.  It’s a natural inclination of the Jew to want to kill everything when people find out about their behavior and lies and manipulation.  The ultimate fantasy of the Zionist is to mow everyone opposed to them down with large firearms.


We are at the end of history, which is the end of Judeo-Christianity, the myths are being expelled from the collective human mind.  Humanity is waking up from history, they are waking up from the Jewish god myth, they are waking up and learning they’ve been massively lied to on every level and they see the Jew for what he really is, a damn liar and manipulator who has cause untold suffering of human kind just so the lazy Jew could have more profit.

At the end of history everyone turns against world Jewry and attacks them in their Zion fortress, that is the true meaning of World War Z.  The Jew is trying to stop the inevitable attack and typecasts everyone outside of them as Zombies.

One thought on “Goyim Uprising: World War Z

  1. Greentea4free

    What if all just don`t care anymore? We can profit from their endtime fantasy btw.
    I like Fallout 3 , the Game from 2009 i think. The Chinease and the USA after a fictional nuclear conflict. A post apocalyptical environment left with RAD`s depleted (NoX?) food and water all around. Braindead Ghuls and Raiders are threatening anyone.
    And even Lord Rothschild is in the Game.

    Thats a lot of fun.

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