The Camouflaged Jew


So who is telling the truth and who is providing camouflage for the Jew predators?  How do we find out?  We can use a litmus test, we can apply a series of tests to the sayings and writings of the supposed truth tellers to figure out whom they are loyal.  Once you learn what standard you need to apply the truth becomes readily apparent.

Can the truth teller say that 9/11/2001 was an inside job?  Can they say that Israel did it?  Or do they distract you with wild theories of how the towers came down ignoring the causal agent?

911 is Jewish defamation of Muslims.

911 is Jewish defamation of Muslims.

Do they ever talk about the USS Liberty incident, where Israeli aircraft strafed a US ship in the Mediterranean Sea on 8 Jun 1967?  Are they willing to name Israel as the enemy?  No?  Then why do you listen to them?

What about the financial scandal, the Wall Street Banks and the Federal Reserve, do they mention that Jewry controls both?  Or do they say the conspiracy is ‘offshore banks’ when plain as day obvious that those conspiratorial banks are right here.

How about Hollywood and it’s obsession with anti-Nazi movies, do they continuously demonize and defame the Germany and Hitler?   Do they bash nationalism?   Do they support the suicidal immigration policies?

Finally, the big test, are they willing to question the Holocaust?  Or do they repeat the 6,000,000 mantra over and over, continuously branding you with that number, putting the 666 Kosher stamp on your hide?

The Holocaust is defamation of Germany just as 911 is defamation of Muslims.  This is what Jewry does, it defames others in its quest for world supremacy.

Apply these tests to the internet writers and media pundits who will soon figure that most of the alternative media is controlled opposition.  All of the mainstream liberal and conservative pundits a fail, most Libertarians a fail, Alex Jones and George Noory both big failures.

Who is telling you the truth is a big deal for it defines you and your vibration and what you will become.  Are you a defender of truth or a defender of the Jew?  Do you represent truth or parrot the memes of the hell vipers?

What Christian minister doesn’t defend the Jew?  What Christian doesn’t slather and lick the feet of the Jewish chosen ones?  Eh?  Are you getting it yet?  Our cultures primary myth is evil because it affirms evil, it gets you to believe in the Jew as your savior.   So isn’t it odd that Jeff Rense regularly hosts Reverend Ted Pike who courageously warns us of Hasidic Jewry yet affirms the myth of Jesus?

Did Jesus affirmed the Torah?    Well, did he?  Yes HE did.  Jesus the Jew affirmed the primary book of the Jew.  Jesus affirmed the books of Moses and the psychopathic behavior of Abraham.  What this means is no Jew is going to save you from the tribe, not even Jesus.

Christianity is an outgrowth of Judaism, the New Testament is an affirmation of the Old Testament, no Christian is separated from Jewish thinking in any way shape or form.  Christians and Jews are Siamese twins, joined at the hip and zippered all the way to the top of their heads, they are in full communion with each other.

The Jew is perfectly camouflaged within the Christian commune -ity.  The Jew operates without resistance amongst the Christians believers.  If a Orthodox Jew in full regalia appeared at Sunday service at your local church would those humble servants of God be in reverence of him?  You betcha they would.  They would stare in awe of the hell god’s representative, a real live chosen one graced the inferior ones with his presence.

You are told that conservative Christians, you know those Christians who love Sarah Palin who routinely wears an American-Israeli flag lapel, are trying to ‘conserve’ America.  Really?  Since when did Israel become part of America?  Ever since Christianity made love and married her.

palin traitor

America is being ganged raped by Jewry, totally taken down and destroyed by debt one trillion at a time.  America is dead and Christianity killed her by aiding and abetting Jewry.  So anyone that affirms Christianity is no patriot but a Jew operative and can never tell the truth about the Jew because talking truth about the Jew would destroy their Christian belief system.


Jews are perfectly camouflaged amongst us, they are the invisible Predators amongst us, they are the THEY in ‘They Live’ movie.  Those that follow the Jew are the dead humans, the Zombies amongst us, those who are fatally bitten by the Jew memes and are the Zombified minions of hell.

So who is telling us the truth?  Very few, you can count them on one hand.

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